Esfer Aliji


In North Macedonia, domestic savings and investment rates are low and insufficient for achieving more dynamic economic growth. On the other hand, borrowing by lenders (international and domestic) is not acceptable due
to the limited budget opportunities for servicing the external debt in the medium term. At the same time, the dynamisation of the economic activity requires greater investments, which taking into account the aforementioned reasons, are expected to be realised by attracting FDIs as a long-term source and catalyst of the economic activity in the country. In the analysis made, it is determined that investments of Turkish origin have positive effects on the economy of the country. In this direction, our main goal, found the fact that a substantially
increased economic cooperation over the last decade and particularly important economic and strategic partner who examine FDIs from the Republic of Turkey is to contribute in this direction, make proposals to ensure that reveal the effects and increase attendance.


FDI, Economic Effects, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Turkey.

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