About CEA Journal of Economics

Dear Authors, Readears

The CEA team is proud to present the CEA Journal of Economics, one of the first international journals in the Republic of Macedonia that covers topics related to the economics. It has been published in English language twice a year, every June and December, since 2006, and has an international editorial board which includes members from six countries (USA, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, UK and Macedonia).

The CEA Journal of Economics includes research papers in various areas of economics that deal with relevant international and domestic issues, and is open to all interested economists from all over the world. Authors of the papers are researchers/academicians from the country, region and beyond. All papers that are published in the journal are subject to an independent peer-review process.

The CEA team believes that the long tradition, quantitative based research, wide scope, and authors from various professions
make the CEA Journal of Economics unique of its kind in the country. As such, it has a significant influence on improving economic analysis, expert debates and discussions on economic issues on a national, regional and global level.

Marjan Nikolov